Home 9 Issue 9 And in the Spring I Shed My Skin by Neha Vimal

Neha Vimal, age 14


My WriteGirl mentor gave me a line from “Rabbit Heart” by Florence + the Machine as a prompt: “And in the spring I shed my skin.” I took that and wrote something that I feel encompasses spring. We often think of spring as the season of rebirth, but I feel like it is more of a universal period of healing. That’s what this piece is about.

And in the Spring I Shed My Skin

When March lifts its head above the horizon,
the bruises of last year have almost healed,
color begins to fill my skin once more

When the tulips spread their wings,
I peel last year from my flesh,
every last bit until I am raw

When April rains stream down my window,
I let them wash my soreness into the gutters

When the blue song of almost summertime chases clouds away,
I lie in the grass,
and let the sun kiss me dry,
so I’ll be ready,
for when tomorrow grows on.