Home 9 Issue 9 Complexity Within Simplicity by Gabin Kim

Gabin Kim, age 16

I wrote this essay based on my own experiences with unity and some of my favorite interactions. This writing is a response to the question of “What makes you happy?” which was a question I had lots of trouble answering before.

Complexity Within Simplicity

Unity. So much meaning held within five letters.

Unity is people from different cultures, languages and backgrounds coming together to practice their passion for writing and share their unique and beautiful ideas together.

Unity is an orchestra with people coming together to bring printed notes on a sheet of paper to life and individual instruments coming together to make beautiful harmony.

Unity is a painting with a mix of shapes, lines and colors coming together to create one beautiful piece of art.

Unity is knowing you are appreciated and loved, knowing you are important to your community, knowing that even if you become a lost sheep, your shepherd will still bring you back to where you belong.

Unity is strength and togetherness, bringing together people from different backgrounds through shared values and interests to create beauty and art.

Unity is found everywhere and through everything in our daily lives, showing us the true beauty of coming together to create something even more beautiful than before.