Issue #3


Published November 11, 2022

Letter from the Editors

Welcome to Reflections, the third issue of Lines & Breaks, a literary journal with very creative writing from WriteGirl teens and alums.

In this edition, members of the WriteGirl community share reflections on their identity, their families, their passions and their futures. Consider this issue as a doorway, through which you’ll meet some sensitive and very special people, like Olivia (“it’s been years since i last ate a roasted pecan from my grandfather’s hand”) and Rachel (“I will be a master of romance”) and Mayson (“Gently wiping mascara from swollen eyes”).

You will be transported to many places, including Korea, East L.A. and Dubai.

Lidia will introduce you to messy tamales. WriteGirl mentee Summer will leave you wanting to hear the song of the Bulbul. Jane sings her heart out into her water-bottle microphone and you will hear Enni loud and clear. Mia triple-dog-dares you to think differently about her and Sophia will ask you how you define what a feminist is.

Sriya writes, “pens carry the ink of knowledge,” and yes, there is some terrific life advice in this issue, about being vulnerable, about gender, about self-love. We all need to take Marie’s advice to heart when she says, “walk barefoot outside when the world starts to close in.”

So enjoy every reflection, story and moment. Take your time. Soak up all of these fresh creative voices from WriteGirl, along with a self-portrait poem from our special guest writer, the captivating Los Angeles Poet Laureate Lynne Thompson.

And before you leave, you must, absolutely must meet Lili’s Thanksgiving Dodo. 

– Keren Taylor, Executive Director, WriteGirl, and the editorial team of Lines & Breaks