Home 9 Issue 9 Numbers & I by Racheal Ajadi

Racheal Ajadi, age 16


I wrote this poem during a WriteGirl Writing Wednesday workshop. I love this piece because it’s the first piece of my writing I’ve ever read out loud, especially to people I really do not know well. It gives a short introduction to my life right now.

Numbers & I

1st child in my family,
saturated with responsibilities,
but hey, who’s complaining?

2 places I have been,
home and school, though
I’m only familiar with home.

3 things I would like to do in the future:
be wealthy and be a writer,
to make people satisfied with life.

4 favorite pieces of footwear
that I wear all day long.
I’ve never felt comfort elsewhere.

16 is how long I have been here.
People say I am too young,
I see myself as an old one living.

100 times have I had a biscuit,
chewy, sugary and sweet,
but I still can’t stop eating.