Home 9 Issue 9 Self-Portrait by Daisy Osadebe

Daisy Osadebe, age 18


I wrote this self-portrait in the first-ever international WriteGirl workshop. It was after a very rough time for me, and I was learning to see myself as I truly am, unique. My self-portrait gave me the opportunity to define myself on my terms.


In my mind is the picture of myself on my eighth birthday –
the little girl I once forgot about
She comes to my heart in the depths of despair
“You’ve come too far to lose, okay?”

I remember the summer of twenty-one
when I first felt pain and rejection
It brings memories of Daniel’s fume
woody, manly, addictive – Axe
I let his silence determine my beauty
I let the delay determine my worth

In moments of doubt, I hear the white ravens sing
The hollow sound of the heavy winds comfort me
The cars race on the highway
Their engines play in my sleep

Daisy speaks to me, “It will be okay –
There’s stories to be told.
Ones the world will never know.”

I wear gray like the evening, cool and free
Blue is ice and flames, just like me
Sneakers give comfort and heels prestige
I walk tall to compliment my small physique

Da Vinci’s magic grips me
Science and art in a delicate dance
I see the day in the night
My optimism shines radiant in the dark

Let’s share secrets together
I can feel your pain too
They say it’s my superpower
Let me see through you

In seventh grade, I felt the young tree scream
As they struck him with sticks, I watched him bleed green
“Make it stop!” he begged through me
Make it stop, they didn’t listen to my pleas

As the days go by, I see way past the now
In a white coat and a graduation gown
I see myself thrive in the land of all that breathes
A man who truly loves me and our family
I see awards for my works
Rewards for my endeavors
I see myself in white linen
on the golden streets of heaven