Home 9 Issue 9 Sunny Days by Annalisa D’Emilia

Annalisa D’Emilia, age 15

This song is about being free from mental seclusion, having mental clarity, and finding hope and love.

Sunny Days

When the clouds have all rolled away
From yesterday
The rain is long gone
Yet your love lingers on
In my head today

Like finding a flower in my yard
And how I don’t have to
Walk very far
to find little things
That bring me joy

But your voice
It echoes and stays
In my head

Like the sun’s rays
Through blades of grass
On sunny days

Mmm, hhhmmmm, never felt so serene
The grass is always green
On sunny days

Not a cloud of gray
You’re not so far away
No not today
You’re in my embrace
On sunny days

My thoughts are clear,
Yet my head’s in the clouds
Among the airplanes
On sunny days