Home 9 Issue 9 The Sunny Season by Angeline Plumb

Angeline Plumb, age 16

I started writing this poem in the WriteGirl poetry workshop inspired by the theme “Onward.” I’m pretty new at poetry, so I’m still getting used to writing about my emotions, and I wanted to write a poem about looking forward to the summer and describing my feelings about it.

The Sunny Season

I look forward to summer.
Even with its blistering touch,
I crave it more than spring cherries
or crisp autumn leaves.

Because summer holds memories.
Ones of bare feet on soft, damp grass.
Dirt clinging to them as I’m
rushing toward a refreshing body of water.
Annoying loved ones with light splashes
until I tire out, and begin floating peacefully,
gazing at the gentle, blueberry sky.

Or older ones
of forbiddingly playing under the sprinklers.
The fluid sinking in the burning black concrete
formulating an oddly beautiful fragrance.
And I tenderly observe a yellow beam
reflect onto the droplets,
and gift me a personal rainbow.

So I look forward to summer.
Patiently moving onward with time,
to remember more of these gems I’ve kept stored
and to collect more in various, vibrant colors.