Home 9 Issue 9 The Unspoken Side by Shani Perez

Shani Perez, age 16

I wrote this poem with my mentor to bring awareness to the problem women face every day on the streets of Los Angeles.

The Unspoken Side

Eternal sunshine
Vast oceans that outline the city
Chaotic mornings and peaceful afternoons
The Hollywood Sign and crowded coffee shops
Couples embracing on the sidewalk
Parents holding the hands of their children
Rows of streetlights, pairs of caring eyes
The beauty and the magic of Los Angeles

All gone

The lights are dim, the sunshine gone
Caring eyes turn dark and stare
You become aware of the unspoken side
The streets you dance on become the stage to a horror movie
Those words
Those terrible words that make you question
That make you rush to the nearest reflection to stare
And wonder what you did wrong
That make you question the length of the dress
Does it all come down to being modest?
Blaming the person instead of Los Angeles

Become aware of the unspoken side