The Unspoken Side by Shani Perez

Home 9 Project Category: Issue 2 ( Page 4 ) Shani Perez, age 16 I wrote this poem with my mentor to bring awareness to the problem women face every day on the streets of Los Angeles. The Unspoken Side Eternal sunshineVast oceans that outline the cityChaotic...

Classic Koreatown by Jane Han

Home 9 Project Category: Issue 2 ( Page 5 ) Jane Han, age 16 This piece was inspired by a discussion from a WriteGirl Bold Leaders Session that centered on the idea of community. I’d never written a poem centered around my “home” and wanted to...

this is the place

We hope you enjoy reading this community-sourced poem as much as we enjoyed hearing Sofía perform it at the launch event! It is a stunning reflection not only of great love for Los Angeles, but also for hometowns worldwide.

Midnight Fair by Victoria Rosales

“I snuck out to a fair with one of my friends and we felt extra cool about it because it was a school night – ohhhh #rebel. This is kind of an upbeat song about being stupid with your friends and getting into fun trouble.”