Issue #3


Published November 11, 2022

Lines & Breaks Issue #3, titled "Reflections"


In this edition of Lines & Breaks, members of the WriteGirl community share reflections on their identity, their families, their passions and their futures. Consider this issue as a doorway, through which you’ll be transported to many places, and meet some very perceptive, candid and daring writers.

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors



My Backyard by Carley Carmen Chavez-Williamson
Numbers & I by Racheal Ajadi
master of romance by Rachel Alarcio (alum)
This Is Our Time by Sriya Bandyopadhyay
What’s in a Name by Livia Basche
shells by Olivia Cai
Femininity by Mayson Canley
knight in paper armor by Olivia Cao
Sick and Tired by Mae Dowling
Willow Tree by Anza Engle-Tseng
Madre mía by Lidia Enriquez
White Paper Girl by Hannah Gumpert
The Bulbul Sings by Summer Hamzeh
Three Lamps by Jane Han
In the Light by Enni Harlan
Night, Day, Evening by Katie Jeffers
To ___ on the anniversary of our growing apart by Hannah Shu En Ling
Birthplace by Alejandra Medina (alum)
I Triple-Dog-Dare You by Mia Orengo
Self-Portrait by Daisy Osadebe
Día de los Muertos by Samantha Renteria
Open Your Eyes by Sophia Rothman
My Hands by RubinLeigh (alum)
El futuro quema by Mariana Santana
The Poet, Applying For a Job, Cites Her Previous Experience by Lynne Thompson (guest writer)
And in the Spring I Shed My Skin by Neha Vimal



Headspace by Katrina Flameño
A Dark-Skinned Filipina by Kaelin Jacey Francisco (alum)
The Good, the Bad and the Oxford Comma by Zoe French
Autorretrato: Teenagehood in Three Movements by Sophia Moore (alum)
The Thanksgiving Dodo by Lili Lang
This I Believe by Sofia Pezo
The Woman She Becomes in Dreams by Amelia Pinto
Older Sister by Marie Pulido
Arms Wide Open by Miya Woodard



Tree of Life by Isabella Saeedy



That Night by Avril Shakira Villar



Editors’ Notes: Katie Geyer and Eva Recinos

The publication of Lines & Breaks is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.