Lines & Breaks: An Online Literary Journal from WriteGirl is an online showcase of WriteGirl teens’ writing from workshops and mentorships.

Issue #3


Read Issue #3: Reflections

In this edition of Lines & Breaks, members of the WriteGirl community share reflections on their identity, their families, their passions and their futures. Consider this issue as a doorway, through which you’ll be transported to many places, and meet some very perceptive, candid and daring writers.

Lines & Breaks Issue #3, titled "Reflections"

Issue #2


Read Issue #2: Unity

Thank you to everyone who joined us at our launch event, The WriteGirl Night of Unity, on April 9th, featuring special guest performer Keiko Agena (Gilmore Girls, Prodigal Son)! 

Lines & Breaks showcases creative writing from WriteGirl teens and alums in poetry, fiction, songwriting, screenwriting, journalism and more. In partnership with LA vs Hate, the second issue will focus on uplifting diversity and promoting tolerance in Los Angeles and abroad. Get a glimpse into different foods, traditions and music that create the vibrant tapestry of Los Angeles and cities around the world.

Lines & Breaks Issue Cover from WriteGirl

Issue #1

My Hometown

Published: December 4, 2021

In this inaugural issue of Lines & Breaks, you’ll find pieces from a diverse range of ages, genres and styles on the theme of “My Hometown,” from Los Angeles to hometowns around the world.
Lines & Breaks Issue Cover from WriteGirl

The publication of Lines & Breaks is made possible in part by a grant from the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.