Popsicle Sticks by Samantha Renteria

“This song is about two best friends helping cheer each other up from what other people say to them. I like the idea of portraying Popsicle sticks as a way to build people up when the world brings them down.”

Assimilated by Eden Hirsch

“This Garfunkel and Oates-esque song was inspired by my Jewish background interacting with my American nationality and love of holidays such as Christmas and Halloween.”

Bad Dating Advice by Kaia Heiberg

Home 9 Project Category: Issue 2 ( Page 2 ) Kaia Heiberg, age 13 This scene, written for the WriteGirl Character and Dialogue Workshop, features a hopeless romantic and her best friend, who’s often asked for dating advice. Bad Dating Advice Issue 2: Table of...

Reckless Abandon by Katie Wilson

Home 9 Theme 9 Project Category: Relationships Katie Wilson, age 17 This is a true story based on personal experience. I wrote it during a program called The Moth All Country, which is run by the nonprofit The Moth over Zoom. Writing this was very rewarding...