Thoughts and feelings on Lines & Breaks Issue #2

Annlee Ellingson:

I am awed and humbled by the stories shared by WriteGirl teens and alums in the second issue of Lines & Breaks. Engaging the theme of “unity” and reflecting on the work by partner LA vs Hate, these young writers explore family history and cultural mores, the pain of intolerance and joy of identity, Popsicle sticks and papaya soap in a kaleidoscope of experiences in Los Angeles and across the globe. Some of their words will hurt. Others will make you smile. All to open the door a little wider to a diversity of perspectives with the power to unite.

Sofía Aguilar:

Ushering in this second issue of Lines & Breaks has been both an honor and a privilege. While the inaugural issue was made from scratch, figuring out our identity, name and mission as an online journal for the WriteGirl community, Issue #2 has been about continuing what we’ve built for a new group of equally wonderful writers. Being a reader and writer myself, I’ve been spell-bound by the prose and poetry written by our teens, alums and special guests in response to the theme of “Unity” enclosed in these digital pages; inspired to envision the better world they wish for; and left hopeful that the future of storytelling is being passed down to tender, loving hands. I was particularly moved by Jane Han’s poem “Classic Koreatown” and her vivid, lush descriptions of her neighborhood, from the “ruby-red fermented cabbage” to “a slight tang of the sea.” The reoccurring couplet of “Koreatown, Los Angeles / Commonwealth Ave” slowly transformed from a repetition device into an anthem, an urgent love and search for home that grew more powerful with each stanza, and left me hungry for more. Every piece in this literary journal has made my journey with Lines & Breaks all the more worth it and rewarding. I feel humbled to have played a small but necessary part in bringing it to you. Welcome to Issue #2 of Lines & Breaks!