Home 9 Issue 9 A Day of Online Learning by Samantha Becaria

Samantha Becaria, age 17

This scene was inspired by my very own English teacher! I just love her personality so much I wanted to feature it in a fictional monologue.

A Day of Online Learning

It’s morning in a McKinley High School virtual class, and Mrs. Foyer is in the middle of virtually teaching an AP English Language and Composition class.

“Trust me,” she says. “You guys do not want to see the chaos that ensues in an AP grading facility. One time, when I opened the test packet, there fell a crisp $10 bill. Not this again!”

She scoffs. “What are these kids thinking? I know you guys, my darling 10th graders, may not know the difference between an open and closed thesis statement, but at least you’re not stupid enough to pull something like this!

“Well, anyways, it did make the —” she leans forward and whispers, “hell,” she returns to her original position, “worthwhile ’cause, I mean, come on. If you’re telling me that this is the level of writing the American education system can produce, society will cease to exist.”

She pauses for effect. “You think I’m joking, but really, no civilization can exist without the proper implementation of syntax and line of reasoning.”

Mrs. Foyer sighs and slowly rises from her seat.

“You know … I could have been a star, or really, on Dancing With the Stars. I was the most sought-after belly dancer in Two Peaks, Wyoming. At first, my talents were wasted by performing at preschool graduations or senior centers, but after years of these pitiful events, I was noticed by a talent scout who attended one of little Susie’s celebrations. But even with my superb talents, I turned down all offers that would have thrust me into stardom, all because I felt the words on the page calling to me.”

Her voice starts increasing in volume.

“How can one resist the voice of destiny as it beckons you into its loving embrace? How can one disobey the path that has already been set? HOW CAN —”

She pauses as if someone is talking to her and sits down.

“HUH? Can you repeat that again?”

She pauses once more.

“Oh,” she laughs. “Can you guys hear me now? Okay good. Well, I guess now is a good time to start class. If you could please visit Google Classroom …”