Issue #1

My Hometown

Published December 4, 2021

Table of Contents

Letter from the Editors

Letter from a WriteGirl Teen




Ancestral Evolution by Rachel Alarcio (alum)

Photos by Eve (Cherry) Awad

Questions, or Answers? by Ari Benor

Preserved in the Asphalt by Emily Burton (alum)

Collage by Hritika Chaturvedi (alum)

Ndolé by Hyla Etame

Like They Used To by Eden Hirsch

I Am an Armenian Girl by Sosé Hovannisian

Family Trees by Nia Johnson

She Reminds Me of Everything by Jazzmin Joya

Morning Prayers by Hannah Ling

Cost and Becoming by Grace Lyde (alum)

I’ve Become the Moon by Alejandra Medina (alum)

Stones in Paris, Italy by Noa Opeyemi

Alabanza by Marina Orozco (alum)

La Florecía de Gargantas by Adriana Parrino

The Sunny Season by Angeline Plumb

High Riser by Charlotte Shao

Black Girl Broken by Milissa Sutton

Back to Becoming by Chloe Vigil (alum)



A Day of Online Learning by Samantha Becaria

Lifeless by Remy Davis

Hasan-Minhaj-Hilarious by Amelia Pinto

In the Game by Leilani Poltorak

Say It by Bridget Weingart



The Other Side by Marissa Cueva

The Purpose of a Vaccine by Silvia Pinto

Prison Scene by Joanna Zeng



Grassy Hilltops and Garlic Knots by Morgan McIntosh

Silken Red String and Sunshine by Audrey Sioeng

Becoming Alive by Paulina Wodarz



Sunny Days by Annalisa D’Emilia

When They Step Up by Maria Galstyan

Opportunity by Piper Miller

As You Were Before by Hannah Robison (alum)

Midnight Fair by Victoria Rosales

Lines & Breaks Issue Cover from WriteGirl