Issue #1

My Hometown

Published December 4, 2021

Letter from the Editors

These past couple of years have been extremely challenging for all of us, particularly for our teens. Teens need stability and guidance – a lifeline, if you will. They also need outlets for expression, opportunities to try new things, and time to reflect on all that they are thinking and feeling — that is, a break.

Welcome to Lines & Breaks, a brand-new online literary journal with creative writing from WriteGirl teens and alums.

Lines & Breaks showcases the writing that can emerge from the minds of teens, if you create an inspiring environment where they can create. It offers a glimpse into the hearts and lives of WriteGirl teens as they share their stories and views on identity, family, relationships, women, culture, garlic knots, vaccines, and rocks with hopes and dreams. There is humor, anguish, tenderness, frustration and love — a tapestry of emotions and perspectives.

We have divided this literary journal into sections by genre, mirroring the WriteGirl season, where each month focuses on a different form. From poetry and prose to scenes and songs, WriteGirl teens explore a wide range of styles for their ideas, and we love how their individual voices soar on every page of this website, inspiring all of us with the power of the pen.

– Keren Taylor, Executive Director, and the editors of Lines & Breaks