Home 9 Issue 9 Nostalgic Scent by Tara Menon

Tara Menon, age 14

In this poem, I used a jasmine flower to connect to my culture and the emotions it triggers. The idea of “community” was symbolized through the jasmine since it allowed me to feel a sense of warmth and remembrance. My mentor gave me some great suggestions on how to make my piece unique and more presentable.

Nostalgic Scent

My hand grips the perfume bottle.
The gentle fragrance of jasmine fills the air.
A scent so distinct,
I am thrust into paradise.
Droplets of the perfume land on my sweater.
My body fills with a warm glow.

In an instant
I recall the jasmine plant in the sunroom,
an heirloom passed
from generation to generation.

It is early morning in Mumbai.
I pluck the flowers and leave them
on a plate for Ammama before she prays,
jasmine being a sign of prosperity.
I inhale the scent and feel the warmth
the sun casts onto the plant.

Final droplets softly land on my sweater.
I close my eyes one final time
as I picture beautiful jasmine petals
cascading to the ground.